His music has been featured on Motion Pictures, Commercials and Gospel Radio Stations.

Any of these can be purchased by contacting e-mail address below. 

Centrifugal Force
 F.O.S Records
Released Nov, 2000

Light of Day, Solo EP
Bass Station Records
Released January 2005

If interested in purchasing Centrifugal Force or Light of Day please send request to justin@justingray.net

Justin's 2015 CD Release

Details coming soon!

Learn how to run your car off of water

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The Groove Thing 
Cottage Cheese
Cello Suite #1 Prelude in G Major by J.S. Bach on Electric Bass 
J.S. Bach Partita #3 in E Major (Bourree) on Electric Bass 
Sometimes I Feel Like Am All Alone
Terminal Beach (Stuart Hamm)